We follow a well structured methodology to ensure that the procedures involved in our work are undertaken by experienced and trained personnel's. Right from planning till final execution, each step taken by them is keenly observed by our core team to ensure that final outcome is satisfactory. We have tream lined methodology for conducting assigned tasks.

At projects our mission is to guarantee a total experience in a way to inform, and assist you through the process of transforming your business(office) or home environment to become a unique and personalized expression of yourself and add to your enjoyment of that interior space.

We exist to make a contribution to the society and to bring happiness to people. Our aim is to use our imagination and creativity to help people realize their dream home.

Spiritual Peaceful - Meditation Center, Place like the absence of mental stress or anxiety for healthier living.

The design process / represents in simplified and / or symbolic form includes Floor Plans, Space Planning, Furniture Selection with all Fabrics and Finishes, Lighting Plans and Accessorizing. Art selection including custom pieces if desired. Kitchen and bath planning and renovation. Projects may include all of the above mentioned activities or portions thereof.

All styles are my specialty, including:

  • Simple and Sober
  • Traditional
  • Contemporary : Belonging to the present time
  • Eclectic : Selecting what seems best of various styles or idea, with sources for antiques, reproductions, and custom one-of-a-kind artist made pieces for furniture, accessories, rugs and lighting. I have developed reliable sources for carpeting, window treatments, upholstery and custom furniture as well as painting/wall covering contractors and general contractors etc.

  • Serving clients in Mumbai, 'Metro city' n suburbs and Delhi, as well as nationwide areas include: Pune, Lonavala, Nashik, Bangalore, Surat, Rajasthan for smallest to biggest area.

    Every project is interesting – especially the next one.

  • Safety: The health, well-being and safety of our employees and their families supersede all else.
  • People: Our most valuable asset is people. Their expertise, attitude and commitment drive our success and reputation.
  • Integrity: Honesty, trust and the highest ethical standards are the foundation of our professional and personal relationships.
  • Teamwork: Pulling together and sacrificing individual needs for the greater benefit of our clients and company is our core belief.
  • Fun: Our hard work is tempered with fun in the workplace for our employees, clients and business partners.
  • Service: Serving our clients with value, quality and innovation is the cornerstone of our existence.
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    A single-family detached home, also called a single-detached dwelling, single-family residence (SFR) or separate house is a free-standing residential building. It is defined in opposition to a multi-family residential dwelling.


    A building or complex of buildings containing a number of individually owned apartments or houses.


    A flat, typically one that is well appointed or used for holidays


    A farmhouse is a building that serves as the primary residence in a rural or agricultural setting. Historically, farmhouses were often combined with space for animals called a housebarn.


    An additional residence, as at the shore or in the country, where one goes on weekends, vacations, and the like. Another residence, as of a close relative or friend, where one spends a great deal of time or feels welcome and at home.


    A room, set of rooms, or building used as a place of business for non-manual work.


    A large enclosed shopping area from which traffic is excluded.


    A store that sells smaller quantities of products or services to the general public. A business that operates as a retail outlet will typically buy goods directly from manufacturers or wholesale suppliers at a volume discount and will then mark them up in price for sale to end consumers.


    A place in which business, clerical, or professional activities are conducted. And conference is a formal meeting of people with a shared interest, typically one that takes place over several days.

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